ProcessWire Weekly #24

This week we're introducing a couple of new modules, latest core updates and, of course, a brand new site of the week. Read on!

Another busy week at the ProcessWire community. We've got a bunch of new modules, and the forum is overflowing with all sorts of discussions, more-or-less related to ProcessWire. Add the fact that Ryan has been constantly improving and adding new features to the development branch, and it shouldn't be too hard to see just how much momentum we've gained lately!

This week we're mostly going through the latest news and module releases, along with some of our other regular topics, such as the site of the week. If you've got any feedback, drop us a note. We're always open for new suggestions, and your opinion is very much appreciated.

Now, let's get this weeks issue started.

Summary of latest core updates in the development branch – and a bit more

First of all, the core updates for ProcessWire's development branch this week introduce a little helper for page creation: while typing in a name for the page, you can instantly see if it's taken. Most other updates are related to improving the stability of ProcessWire when used in certain specific environments, most notably with FastCGI enabled.

The page creation helper works behind the scenes using AJAX queries, and should help avoid confusion caused by newly create pages getting renamed to something unique automatically. You can still let the system decide that unique name for you if you so choose, but even then you'll be aware of that beforehand!

In addition to the core updates for the week, Ryan has also brought into our attention something else he's been working on. In his latest blog post, he introduces a brand new (and still work-in-progress) drafts module. Without going too far into what drafts are all about, this module should open a few new possibilities. I for one can't wait to see it in action!

Introducing MarkupSEO, the all-in-one SEO solution for ProcessWire

MarkupSEO, built and released by Nico Knoll, is one of the most interesting new modules right now. Described as the "all-in-one SEO solution for ProcessWire", it brings in new tools (such as the SEO tab to page edit view) and provides helpful tips for improving your site's search engine visibility.

Search engine optimization is all about the content, and no module can do that for you, but this one helps you get on the right track. It's also good to have an easy way to define all the useful metadata items from one simple UI, and the ability to set up site-wide robot rules etc. via module config is a nice feature too.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this module goes. There's so much potential here!

Time is a new fieldtype for storing times

Time is a new fieldtype and inputfield combination built by Steve Dickinson. As the name kind of implies, it's a solution intended for storing times, plain and simple.

While ProcessWire already has a built-in Datetime fieldtype, Time answers a different need: there's no date involved, just time. Behind the scenes the value of a Time field is stored in a MySQL time field. The format used by a Time field is configurable, and you can query time fields in selectors.. and that's just about it.

A straightforward module answering an obvious need – just the way we like 'em!

Last Access is a new module that, quite literally, knows where you've been

Last Access, one of the latest releases by Conclurer, is a module that stores a list of pages you've accessed – and the times when you've accessed them.

The module works by providing two new properties, one for page objects and another for users: $page->lastAccess returns the timestamp of the last visit by current user to given page, and $user->accessedPages returns an array of pages that this particular user has visited.

One doesn't have to think too hard to find a lot of interesting use cases for this module, so once again: thank you Conclurer for making this available, your work here is very much appreciated!

CSV importer / exporter is an extension for the commercial ProFields Table field

TableCSVImportExport is a new module by Adrian and, in a way, also the first one of its kind: it's an addition to a commercial ProcessWire module, the ProFields Table.

If you're not familiar with the Table field itself, I'd suggest taking a look at that first, but in either case, this module adds new CSV import and export features to the Table field. The screenshots in the thread introducing the module are pretty enlightening, and the feature itself is very neat.

Thanks, Adrian, for releasing this – and also for breaking the ice when it comes to extending commercial modules!

Site of the week: Hotel Der Blaue Reiter

Hotel Der Blaue ReiterThis week our site of the week belongs to Hotel Der Blaue Reiter, located in Karlsruhe, Germany. Hotel Der Blaue Reiter is described as a "design-hotel", and after taking a closer look at their site, I've got no doubts that they live up to that definition.

Their site – built by the talented Marc Hinse – is responsive, has a really modern vibe to it and makes great use of photographs from in and around the hotel. From very small to very large screens, user experience is clearly well thought out, no complaints there.

Congratulations to Marc for an amazing site, great work!

Stay tuned for our next issue

That's it for ProcessWire weekly #24, thanks for reading. Our next weekly issue will be out 1st of November and sent a few days later to ProcessWire newsletter subscribers. Meanwhile, you should follow @processwire at Twitter for a steady stream of updates.

Until next time, happy hacking with ProcessWire!

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