ProcessWire Weekly #503

The 503rd issue of ProcessWire Weekly brings in all the latest news from the ProcessWire community. Modules, sites, and more. Read on!

Welcome to the latest issue of ProcessWire Weekly! In this issue we are going to share the latest news from the ProcessWire community, including new weekly highlights. And as usual we'll also highlight a new site of the week.

This is going to be a short issue, since it's been a very busy end of the year around here, and with Ryan taking this week off there are no core updates to share. It's time to send a big and hearty thank you to each and every one of you being here, reading our weekly issues, and simply being part of the ProcessWire community.

Happy New Year, folks!

Your feedback is always welcome – please don't hesitate to drop us a line if there's anything in your mind you'd like to share with us. Tips, tricks, feedback, suggestions, we're open for it all. Enjoy our latest issue and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Weekly update and a Happy New Year from Ryan

This week there are no new core updates to share, and the latest weekly update from Ryan is short and sweet:

I'm off work this week, so I don't have any new ProcessWire updates, but just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Looking forward to a great 2024

— Ryan

Again, Happy New Year for every ProcessWire user, community member, and interested follower out there — you've made this yet another great year for the project, and there have been so many interesting discussions and amazing projects and modules shared that it would be quite impossible to list them all here.

It's been a great year, and we're thrilled to see what 2024 has in store for us :)

Weekly forum highlights, tutorials, and other online resources

For this week we've gathered a list of support forum highlights and other useful and hopefully interesting resources. As always, please let us know if there's anything important we've missed, so that we can include it in one of our future issues.

  • It's always interesting to check out new projects, and this week we stumbled upon one called SimpleSearch, which is a module that provides search functionality for a ProcessWire powered website. It seems that this module is still a WIP, though, so we're going to revisit it a bit later and provide a more in-depth summary.
  • Another new module that we may need to take a closer look at a later date was created by Rich Lott (Artful Robot) and makes it possible to edit the published date for pages. Seems like a nice addition, so thanks to Rich for creating it!
  • While we're on the topic of modules, just a few quick highlights from existing modules that have recently received updates:
    • Latest version of FieldtypeMapMarker from Ryan has now been updated to be ProcessWire 3 native with namespaces and whatnot, while also simultaneously modernizing some parts of the module.
    • The latest version of the FieldtypeVideo module from Adrian now includes a new version of the FFmpegPHP library.
    • Process Changelog from Teppo now provides a few new hookable methods for anyone interested in extending or otherwise customizing the admin interface by adding extra columns, removing existing columns, etc.
    • And finally, the Breadcrumb Dropdowns module from Robin has just been updated to provide a bit more GUI customization flexibility.
  • Last but not least, we've got a series of video tutorials from HollyWorks — labeled simply ProcessWire Short Tutorials. They are targeted at those who are new to the system, but seem very nicely put together, so definitely check them out :)

If you're interested in ProcessWire news, discussions, and updates, there's always something going on at the support forum. Since we're only able to include a tiny selection of all that in our weekly updates, head down to the forum for more.

Site of the week: Suzanne Neville

Our latest site of the week is that of Suzanne Neville, who is a renowned bridal fashion designer from London, UK.

Suzanne Neville is a renowned bridal fashion designer who is highly regarded worldwide and is particularly popular among celebrities. She is known for her exceptional precision and expertise in pattern cutting, which has earned her the nickname "Corset Queen" due to her ability to create incredibly flattering silhouettes.

— ID Studio

Her new website, created by ID Studio, is a showcase of her splendid work, features an events section for those interested in seeing the works in real life, and provides an easy way to get in contact. The design of the site is simply gorgeous — full of image galleries covering different collections, which are complemented by video material, animations, transitions, and other tasteful visual elements.

As for behind the scenes details, this website integrates a ProcessWire powered content management system using flexible, block based approach with a Laravel powered back-end that takes care of eCommerce, online payment processing, booking schedules, and lead management. The front-end of the site appears to be a combination of Bootstrap and custom-built elements.

If you'd like to learn more about this project, be sure to check out the case story for the Suzanne Neville website by ID Studio. Our congratulations to the client, Suzanne Neville, for their new website — and of course to the team behind the creation of this website at ID Studio for a job well done!

Stay tuned for our next issue

That's it for the 503rd issue of ProcessWire Weekly. We'll be back with more news, updates, and content Saturday, 6th of January. As always, ProcessWire newsletter subscribers will get our updates a few days later.

Thanks for staying with us, once again. Hope you've had a great and productive week, and don't forget to check out the ProcessWire forums for more interesting topics. Until next week, happy hacking with ProcessWire!

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