ProcessWire Weekly #513

In the 513th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we'll take a quick look at the newly released invoicing site profile by Ryan, introduce a new third party module called Verify Links, and more. Read on!

Welcome to the latest issue of ProcessWire Weekly. This week there are no core updates to discuss, but instead we're going to check out the newly released invoicing site profile from Ryan, and then move on to a brand-new third party module developed by Robin Sallis: Verify Links.

As always we've also got a new site of the week to showcase, and this week that would be the website of Overline Systems – a French company that designs, builds, and rents audio communication equipment for television, theater, events, and amusement parks. We'll talk more about this great looking site in just a bit, so keep on reading.

Thanks to all of our readers for being here with us again, and as always, any feedback is most welcome – please don't hesitate to drop us a line if there's anything in your mind you'd like to share with us. Enjoy our latest issue and have a great weekend!

The Invoice Application Site Profile from Ryan Cramer is now available

This week there are no new core updates, but instead we've got a new site profile: the Invoice Application Site Profile. This project has been covered a couple of times in our previous issues, but the long story short is that it's basically an invoicing app built on top of ProcessWire with the most important features baked in.

While this site profile doesn't cover everything that you might do with an invoicing application, it does cover everything that I've needed over the last year of using it with my clients.

— Ryan

Among other things you can use this site profile to create invoices, record payments to invoices, email invoices to clients, and print invoices. Management work is done in the admin, while client features — such as viewing and printing invoices — are done in the front-end of the site.

Sneak peek into the line items management screen of the Invoice Application Site Profile. Screen capture by Ryan Cramer.

The profile has just been made public and freely available via a GitHub repository, so feel free to check it out and explore. A more in-depth article about it will follow, likely next week, in the form of a blog post. Among other things the post is going to cover topics such as how the profile can be built on to add additional features.

Meanwhile, you can read a bit more about the profile and how it came to be from the latest weekly update by Ryan, so be sure to check it out. Thanks!

Site of the week: Overline Systems

Overline Systems is a French company with more than 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality professional audio communication equipment. They've equipped the most prestigious European theaters and operas, the largest amusement parks, national television channels, and the TV filming of most of the biggest French sporting events.

The Overline Systems website was created by Mahal Kita Communication and recently introduced on a showcase forum post. It is a tightly packed website that features a very nice and colorful design, plenty of information about the company and their offerings, along with a few nifty tricks, such as animated scroll effects, to liven things up a bit.

Taking a quick peek behind the scenes, the front-end of this website was created using the Uikit front-end framework, combined with the Animate On Scroll JavaScript library for animated effects. Digging even deeper, some of the ProcessWire modules in action on this site include AdminStyleRock, Form Builder, ProCache, and Menu Builder.

Thanks to the folks at Mahal Kita for sharing this project with us, and congratulations to the client, Overline Systems, for their new, ProcessWire powered website!

Stay tuned for our next issue

That's it for the 513th issue of ProcessWire Weekly. We'll be back with more news, updates, and content Saturday, 16th of March. As always, ProcessWire newsletter subscribers will get our updates a few days later.

Thanks for staying with us, once again. Hope you've had a great and productive week, and don't forget to check out the ProcessWire forums for more interesting topics. Until next week, happy hacking with ProcessWire!

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