ProcessWire Weekly #58

58th issue of ProcessWire Weekly brings in all the latest news from the ProcessWire community. Modules, sites, and more. Read on!

This week we're going to cover 2.6.5, the latest and greatest iteration of ProcessWire, and also dig into some of the recent ProcessWire highlights – both from our own Support Forum, and outside it. While we couldn't fit any of those into our update this week, we'll definitely continue our series of module highlights next week!

We hope you'll enjoy our weekly update, and please don't hesitate to drop us a line if there's anything you'd like to ask, suggest, or disagree with. We're always happy to receive feedback, and your opinion really matters to us. Have a great weekend!

Latest core updates: ProcessWire 2.6.5

In his latest blog post at Ryan shares some pretty interesting details about ProcessWire 2.6.5. In a nutshell, 2.6.5 brings in four new visible updates, and one behind-the-scenes improvement that mainly affects module developers:

  • Page List, Lister, and ListerPro have always displayed a collection of action links for each page. This week we've added a bunch of new features (including publish, unpublish, hide, unhide, lock, unlock, trash, restore, and copy) that become visible after a click of the new additional actions button. These new actions are executed asynchronously, which keeps the user experience extremely smooth!
  • Restore from trash is a brand new action added just this week. In a nutshell, this feature allows you to restore trashed pages into their original places with just one click. Please note that since this feature requires storing the whereabouts of trashed pages, it won't work for pages trashed before 2.6.5, though!
  • Page List label format is a feature that gives you a whole new level of control over the way pages are displayed in the Page List. Earlier you could only specify which fields would get displayed in the Page List, and said fields would show up as comma separated values, but now you can go much further simply by using easy-to-understand format strings: {id}: {title} - {date} ({categories.title}) and so on.
  • As a small (but potentially quite important) workflow improvement, copying (cloning) page with no children now works inline, without instantly taking you to a new edit screen. This feature most useful when used together with ListerPro or various modal editing windows.

This was just a summary of the core updates for the week. For more details and some additional insights regarding our future plans, check out Ryan's blog post at!

    Recent forum highlights

    This week we're taking a look at some of the recent highlights at the ProcessWire Support Forum. As you probably already knew, our forum is much more than "just" a place to ask questions and receive answers regarding ProcessWire – though both questions and answers are always welcome!

    • Here's a fun little trick shared by Alex Capes and Horst Nogajski: displaying dynamic template icons based on field values. A great example of combining hooks and page values to create something entirely new!
    • For PageTable users, here's another handy trick from Adrian: automatically adding child pages to a PageTable field, and removing ones that have been trashed. This is, again, a good example of changing the behaviour of a specific core feature with a simple hook method.
    • Is ACF WP's way to make it more like PW – a pretty good question, but what do you think? It's always interesting to compare different approaches taken by various content management systems out there, and obviously WP is the one that gets a lot of attention and pops up in our forums every now and then too.
    • Something worth keeping tabs on: we've been approached by a product evangelist from Zend, and apparently they're interested ProcessWire support for Z-Ray, their new debugging and development tool. Z-Ray looks like an interesting project, and it'd be great to have it support ProcessWire as well.
    • Last but not least, here's a project by Ben Byford: the bb-starter starter profile for ProcessWire. We always encourage you to share your own projects with others, and profiles are an easy way to get started!

    Our forum is where the whole ProcessWire community gathers, shares new projects, discusses web development in general, and so much more. If you're not yet a member, sign up today and join the discussion!

    .. and a few other highlights!

    First of all, a blog post by Okeowo Aderemi: Why I Chose ProcessWire Over WordPress. Subtitled as "a guide for developers", this post goes through some of those features that make ProcessWire interesting for developers, but also explains why it's a great platform for clients. (Hint: it's all about not being locked in with a product that doesn't scale with your needs.)

    We've also been recently covered by CMS Critic, though our regular readers will most likely already be familiar with what they have to say. Either way, we're always happy to be featured in posts and articles out there – ProcessWire is a great product, and it's our sincere wish to see more users finding it, and hopefully falling in love with it!

    Our last highlight for the week is mainly targeted for our German speaking audience – a ProcessWire article published by German web host domainFACTORY, titled Ein CMS mit besonderer Flexibilität.

    With some help from Google Translate this article is a good read also for non-German speakers, and covers the basics of ProcessWire nicely. Recommended reading, especially if you're just getting to know ProcessWire!

    Site of the week: 7th Avenue Agency

    This time our site of the week is a portfolio of 7th Avenue Agency, an interactive agency located in Szczecin, Poland and Lund, Sweden. In their own words, 7th Avenue Agency specialises in responsive web design, and native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

    The site itself is responsive (no big surprises there), makes use of stylish video elements for larger screens while simultaneously keeping things clean and lean for smaller screens, and so on. The design is stunning in it's own, unique way, and while content-wise this site is on the small side, all the essential details are readily available.

    All in all, this is another great site built with ProcessWire, and we're happy to feature it here. Additionally, 7th Avenue Agency is also a nominee at the Awwwards, so please check them out there too!

    Stay tuned for our next issue

    That's it for the 58th issue of ProcessWire Weekly. We'll be back with more news, updates, and content next Saturday, 27th of June. As always, ProcessWire newsletter subscribers will get our updates a few days later.

    Thanks for staying with us, once again. Hope you've had a great and productive week, and don't forget to check out the ProcessWire forums for more interesting topics. Until next week, happy hacking with ProcessWire!

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