ProcessWire weekly #7

Module additions and related resources, a bunch of interesting topics from the forums and a little questionnaire for you folks!

This week we're going to focus less on new core features and a bit more on the forum side of things. As always, we've also got some new modules and a new site of the week to introduce.

Special feature of the week is a little questionnaire, asking for your opinions about the kind of things you'd want to see implemented in ProcessWire. If you can, please help us by providing your input – it'd be very much appreciated!

Recent forum highlights

First of all, here's a little list of some recent topics you folks might find useful. Additional suggestions are more than welcome too – please post those as comments (or tweet to @teppokoivula if you'd like to see them in future issues).

For more great content, be sure to check out the Most Liked Content feature of ProcessWire forums. This page, modestly named "best-content", features posts with most likes – often an indicator of something being done right.

Field Generator generates randomised default values for fields

First of all, Field Generator doesn't actually generate fields – it generates field values. With this module you can create rules that take care of pre-filling specified fields for new pages.

For each rule you can define which pages (based on parent ID and template name) and and field name) and fields (based on field name) it affects, characters to generate random values from ("dictionary") and the length of generated values.

All in all this seems like a very handy tool for tasks such as generating automatic, numeric ID's for catalogue items or pre-generating passwords and other authentication tokens. Definitely a great addition to modules available for ProcessWire! (403)

Pagination Textformatter splits rich text fields into multiple pages

Pagination Textformatter allows you to split single textarea input into multiple, paginated pages. Built by Ryan, this is a great tool for keeping long articles readable while still keeping both the content structure and user interface clean and easy to use.

Splitting is done from each line consisting solely of five or more hyphens ("-----") and you can also define custom titles to use for pagination pages ("----- More features"). Both the built-in caching and that provided by commercial ProCache module are supported.

All available settings are considerations are described in a lot of detail at the modules directory page, so please refer to that if you're interested in what this little beauty could do for you:

Video tutorial for the Amazon S3 / CloudFront integration module

What feature, module or tool is still missing for/from ProcessWire?

Can you name some feature, module or tool that would make ProcessWire even more awesome than it already is? Does another CMS have a feature you've been missing? What could ProcessWire do to improve your current workflow?

Many ProcessWire users have extensive experience of other systems and web development in general. Whether you're experienced or just started working on the web, I'm sure you've got an opinion about what would make your work easier, more effective – or more interesting.

All ideas are welcome here; whatever it is that you're missing, please let us know!

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(Ideas submitted here will be introduced in following issues of ProcessWire weekly. Your name won't be published, unless you specifically request that. Also: this is not an official channel for ProcessWire feature requests, more like an experiment to see if we can dream up something interesting here.)

Site of the week is a single-page product site for SS20 GOLD Strut Mounts

This weeks "site of the week" is again a bit different: first of all it's a one-page site – and on top of that it's focused entirely on presenting a single product, the SS20 GOLD Strut Mount.

Many single page product sites remind me of a flyer (both visually and content-wise, neither of which work that well in web context) but this one has really nailed it. This site (or page) looks and feels great – including, but not limited to, being properly responsive.

I'll have to give big thumbs-up for the gif's, too – not something I'd usually do, but in this case those really help us non-engineers (and probably them too) to understand what "SS20" does. Overall it's a great site and great showcase item from Andrei Kilin!

Stay tuned for our next issue

That's it for issue #7 of ProcessWire weekly. Thanks again for reading and hope you've found it useful. As always, suggestions, corrections and other feedback is most welcome as comments to this post, tweets to @teppokoivula, PMs via the forum etc.

Next issue of ProcessWire weekly will be out Saturday, 5th of July. Until then, happy hacking with ProcessWire!

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