The archive of all Weekly issues, ordered by date of publication

These are the weekly issues we've released so far. A new issue will be added each Saturday, and this list will be automatically updated.

ProcessWire weekly #11

Bringing you the latest ProcessWire news, here's issue #11 of ProcessWire weekly: core updates, new modules and links to content you might find interesting. Read on!

ProcessWire weekly #10

10th issue of ProcessWire weekly brings up latest news from the ProcessWire community, core and module development and other timely matters. Read on!

ProcessWire weekly #9

In this ninth issue of ProcessWire weekly we'll be covering our regular topics, such as core and module updates, recent forum updates and more. Read on!

ProcessWire weekly #8

Eighth issue of ProcessWire weekly. Another batch of core updates and a couple of very interesting new modules to introduce this week. Read on!

ProcessWire weekly #7

Module additions and related resources, a bunch of interesting topics from the forums and a little questionnaire for you folks!

ProcessWire weekly #6

Issue #6 of ProcessWire weekly is here with latest ProcessWire news: core changes, module and admin theme additions and some noteworthy articles.

ProcessWire weekly #5

Fifth issue of ProcessWire weekly introduces latest core updates, new and interesting modules and other highlights from the world of ProcessWire.

ProcessWire weekly #4

Fourth issue of ProcessWire weekly: core updates, awesome things built by ProcessWire users, and potential plans for the future of the system itself.

ProcessWire weekly #3

Third issue of ProcessWire weekly: new modules, interesting core updates and other recent hot topics.

ProcessWire weekly #2

Second issue of ProcessWire weekly. We've got some new and new-ish modules to discuss, interesting new project to introduce and more. Read on!

ProcessWire weekly #1

News from and around the ProcessWire community, recorded by one keen observer. Module releases, core additions, events and more.